Honoring Veterans

Coalition members are reinforcing their commitment to local veteran families through the Community Care component of Serve Our Co-ops; Serve Our Country. Co-ops partner with local organizations and through these connections raise awareness, build relationships s and support their local veteran community.

Below are some ways you can get involved and support your local veteran community:

  • Volunteer your time, make a monetary donation, or sponsor an event at a local military community service organization.
  • Assemble care packages and letters for deployed service members to show your support.
  • When available, provide access to your co-op’s communications networks to military families with limited access to telecommunications technology (e.g., no computer or video conferencing technology at home).
  • Organize a gift drive during the holidays for children of less fortunate military families.

Serve Our Co-ops; Serve Our Country provides co-ops with ways to support and honor veterans. We want to know how you are supporting and honoring veterans in your community. Please contribute your veteran community care story to our site!

More Ways to Show Your Appreciation

Foster Culture

Foster a veteran-engaged culture within the community, through programs and ceremonies that recognize the contributions of veterans and their families.


Partner with veteran-support organizations and align with their awards program.

Volunteer Events

Hold volunteer events where employees can volunteer to help veterans and their families in the community.

Community Outreach

Add veteran community outreach initiative to your existing community service initiative- partnering or sponsoring veteran outreach programs will give your co-op general exposure in the military community and opportunity to enhance the awareness of military volunteers and attendees who may not be familiar with your co-op.